In addition to architectural services, we also offer expediting services. This is a unique and powerful tool which we are happy to provide, as most architects outsource this aspect of the project. We have an in-house expediting team of experienced professionals.

Through our experience, we have discovered that providing expediting services in conjunction with our architectural services is the best way to serve our clients. All architectural projects involve considerations beyond architecture. Having an "architectural background" gives us a great advantage when preparing forms or meeting with plan examiners. Often, time is of the essence and we have the ability to move from a design sketch to filing of the applications within days.

Department of Buildings

Meeting with Plan Examiners Property/Record Research Obtain Approvals/ Sign-offs/ Permits/ Reconsiderations Temporary and Final Certificate of Occupancy Tentative and Final Tax Lot Numbers Violation Research, Consultation, Removal and Certification

Landmark Preservation Commission

Inspections/ Sign-offs/ Approvals Obtain Certificates of No Effect Obtain Certificates of Appropriateness Public Hearing Presentations Community Board Hearing Presentations

Other agencies include:

Department of Transportation

Environmental Control Board

Department of Environmental Protection

NYC Fire Department

Board of Standards and Appeals

Department of Parks & Recreation

Department of Finance

Real Property

Transit Authority

Housing Preservation and Development